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  • Clinically Proven Safe and Most Effective Solutions for Normal Nerve Functions and for a Better Quality of Life.

More than 20 million people in the United States alone cope everyday with circumstances that challenge healthy nerve functions!

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Introducing AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM) 
The Best Products for Nerve Health

'Because resilient nerve functions are cardinal for your good quality of life'

  • AgmaSet®, for humans, and AgmaVet(TM), for animals, are novel, first-of-kind, clinically proven safe and effective products for nerve health. These category-leading nutraceuticals contain only G - Agmatine® - the Gilad&Gilad's proprietary brand of analytical grade agmatine.​
  • Agmatine is an amino acid metabolite, which is present in small insufficient amounts in plant, fish and meat foodstuffs. However, our clinical studies demonstrate that consuming AgmaSet®  and AgmaVet(TM) to fortify the diet with high daily intake of G - Agmatine®, affords safe and most effective solution for sustaining nerve resilience. This in turn, helps you to maintain normal sensory functions and nerve-dependent muscle strength and thus, preserves good quality of life.
  • G - Agmatine® mechanism of action is unique. It acts like a "molecular shotgun" by targeting multiple molecular mechanisms specifically critical for nervous system and peripheral nerve functions.
  • AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM) are effective products for bodily nerve functions in general. A specific example is their outstanding support of normal sciatic nerve functions, thus enabling resilient spine-nerve interactions.
  • AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM) - first products in the For-Nerve-Health(TM) line of nutraceuticals, are manufactured under the highest quality standards and regulations, and are available only from Gilad&Gilad.


"These products are clinically proven, they are tested and they work. They are a gift to mankind and for companion animals."

"AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM) are Set to Change the World For the Multitudes Who are in Need of Safe and Effective Products For 

Normal Nervous System Functions and For Nerve Resilience."

This statements are based on solid scientific research and sound clinical trials, and are supported by
 physicians' experience and users' feedback.

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