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          Gilad&Gilad offers
AgmaSet® and AgmaVetTM 
(Previously NeurofencineTM)
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 Now at a 10% Discount:
  AgmaSet®- 120 count $59.99
                                               now $53.99
  AgmaVetTM- For Animal Food:
               -120 count $59.99 
now $53.99
               -  60 count $36.99   now $33.29

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for customers with
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01/30-02/02/2013 - Product Exhibition and Scientific Communication -Gilad&Gilad also presented a poster on: "Agmatine - Effectiveness in .... A Pilot Study", at the "Scripps 10th Anniversary Natural Supplements Conference", San Diego, California.           
Aug. 2012 - Article - Michele Cagan, "Breaking news: Pioneer scientists uncover the Holy Grail lifesaver for...". Health Sciences Institute (HSI), 17(2), August 2012 Issue, pp. 4-5,8.

03/04/2012 - Radio Interview with Dr. Gad Gilad - Progressive Radio Network - Dr. Sherrill Sellman Radio Show What Women Must Know - on "A New Solution For...".

 02/24-25/2012 - Scientific Communication - "Agmatine - A Century-Old Newcomer for...". American Academy of Pain Medicine, Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, California. 

Oct. 2011 - Book Chapter about AgmaSet® - "...Protecting and Strengthening Your Nerve Cells." In: Breakthroughs in Natural Healing - 2012. By: Bill Gottlieb. Bottom Line Publications, page 14.
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Access Clinical Trial Paper

Pain Medicine (11:356-368, 2010),  Describing the safety (lack of adverse effects) and superior efficacy of G - agmatine®.
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Dr. Gary Young prescribes AgmaSet® since July, 2010 -"I first heard about AgmaSet® back in July 2010 and decided to field test it with some of my patients - people with all kind of health-related nerve functions. And I've been prescribing it ever since that first test patient reported feeling good with healthier nerve functions and a better quality of life."
Dr. Gary Young, D.C.
HealthWorld Chiropractic Group
Hartsdale, New York, 10530
Dr. Neal G. Snyder Recommends
- "I have been a chiropractic doctor for 29 years. I have  excellent results using AgmaSet® for health-related spinal-nerve functions of the upper and lower extremities. I recommend this product highly."

Dr. Neal G. Snyder, D.C.

Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center 
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Dr. Dana Clark Thanks
- "Dr. Gilad, thank you for introducing me to AgmaSet®. I manage a large number of patients with varying levels of health-related nerve functions arising from multiple causes and have found the addition of AgmaSet® to significantly improve my patient outcomes..."


Dr. Dana Clark, D.C.
Pacific Coast Spine and Rehab
Los Angeles, CA 90025

**Endorsements may be edited for length or to meet legal guidelines. They represent individual experience only, with no material connections and are not to be construed as advertisements or claims.



More than 20 million people in the United States alone cope everyday with circumstances that challenge healthy nerve functions

Welcome to Gilad&Gilad

Your Exclusive Source of Supplements Containing Agmatine For Nerve Health - 
- Clinically Proven Safe and Most Effective Solutions for Healthier Nerve Functions and for a Better Quality of Life

Prices Reduced on the Occasion of 'National Nerve Health Awareness Week'
Phone: 1-888-48-GILAD (1-888-484-4523 - toll-free in the US), or 1-818-708-8505

[Available also from practicing healthcare professionals, Pharmacies and health stores]

Introducing AgmaSet® (NeurofencineTM)

'Because resilient nerve functions are cardinal for your good quality of life'
 AgmaSet® is a novel, first-of-its-kind nutraceutical supplement, clinically proven safe and effective for healthier nerve functions. It contains only G - agmatine® - Gilad&Gilad's exclusive brand of the natural amino acid metabolite agmatine.

 G - agmatine® is present in small amounts in plant, fish and meat foodstuffs. However, our clinical studies demonstrate that using AgmaSet® to fortify the daily intake of G - agmatine®, is a safe and most effective solution for nerve resilience, normal sensory functions and nerve-dependent muscle strength, thus leading to a better quality of life.

 G - agmatine® mechanism of action is unique. It acts like a "magic shotgun", simultaneously targeting multiple molecular mechanisms critical for resilient nerves and robust nervous system functions.

 While AgmaSet® is an effective neuroprotective supplement for nerve health in general, it affords outstanding support for healthier sciatic nerve and special spine-nerve structure/function benefits.

-  AgmaSet® - the first in the For-Nerve-HealthTM
line of products and AgmaVetTM, a similar product for animal food, are manufactured under the highest quality standards and regulations and are available only from Gilad&Gilad.


Length of time people took AgmaSet® during the years 2009 to 2013. No adverse effects were reported during the ongoing surveillance. *Values represent the number of people who purchased AgmaSet® directly from Gilad&Gilad. People who purchased from physicians, pharmacies, health stores, or from Gilad&Gilad's distributors are not included.

                                  -IT'S CLINICALLY PROVEN, IT'S TESTED AND IT WORKS-
 AgmaSet® is set to improve the life quality of a multitude of people who need an effective supplement
          to sustain their nerve
 resilience and healthier nerve functions .
- This is based not only on solid
          scientific and clinical evidence, but also on physicians' endorsements and on users' feedbacks.*


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